Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Accidental Attraction

Intentions are a funny thing.  We do not always realize the message we convey.  A significant amount of positive (or even negative) attention can bring results your way whether you specifically request it or not.  This can be good, bad, or neutral.  My point is, no matter what we "intend",  our attention is noted.
I have an interesting example of this.  The company I work for used to be in a more cramped space than where we are now.  There was a nice watercolor print by a local artist hanging on a wall between a couple of the partners I do quite a bit of work for.   There was no better place at the time the print could hang because we simply did not have the space.  This particular print was of Old Agency Road, a historical area outside of town that used to be a part of the Old Natchez Trace. 
"Old Agency Road" by Will Hinds
As I frequently needed to interrupt one or the other of these partners, I found myself often standing in front of the print while waiting on them to get off the phone or for someone else to finish up their business with them.  I would stare into the picture,  sometimes for a couple of minutes, in a sort of daze as I waited.  I thought about what it must have been like for the travelers who used that old path.  I wondered what the artist must have been thinking as he created the piece.  I admired the colors.  In general, I appreciated it.  In retrospect, I suspect others had the same experience from time to time as they found themselves waiting on Bill or Bob outside their office.  So the print likely got a good bit of attention from people other than me as well.
The print hung on this wall for several years this way, providing a brief aesthetic break from our regular workdays, until some months back when the company announced we were moving to a new location.  Great opportunity, nice area, and even more importantly, more space!
Now, on my way to work, I get off the interstate at this exit:  "Old Agency Road"

and pass by this view of Old Agency Road on my way to work,
which is a few blocks away, every day.

Kinda neat, huh?

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