Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Unlaunch Freedom Party is Tonight!

Tonight will be a "Celebration of Freedom and Creating Portable Empires." with some of my friends from Milagro World and Pat O'Bryan's Coaching class.  I will be on for a few minutes talking about the product I created for the class, as will several of my dear friends.  I hope you will join us!  I promise it will be lots of fun, and with Trapper, Chuck & Martha at the helm, you just never know what to expect.  It will for sure be a never-a-dull-moment event, at the very least.  When we say "party", they say "how hard?"

Now for the nitty gritty:  The party takes place on a webcast.  There are three ways to participate.  You can join on the web, call in, or chat it up on Twitter.  The entire thing lasts about 2 hours, and you can come and go as you please.  See the link below to sign up and join the fun!

Our #UnLaunch Freedom Party has special guest: Best selling author and internet marketing legend Pat O'Bryan  - live from his Portable Empire.
Join us live Tonight December 17 at 8pm Central time right here:

You'll be able to hear the show and follow the Twitter stream LIVE!

Once you join the invitation list, you'll receive invitations to future Freedom Party reminders and the occasional email at our whim when we discover something that will help you create more freedom in your life.

We promise not to bug you or pound you with email. And, of course, if you choose to break our hearts, you can unsubscribe at any time.

This event is the next step in the evolution of this coaching class, who is really a super group to work with.  We are growing and learning together, and this group project is just one of a whole string of projects we are planning.  Would love for you to join us!  (Don't tell Pat I said this, but if you are not able to afford his coaching program, this is the next best thing!) Shhhhhh.

Okay, let's get the ball rolling, shall we?  Go here now!

See you tonight!

PS - I just heard a rumor there is ANOTHER special guest - a surprise guest!  I have no idea who it is......tune in to see!

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Claus D jensen said...

Hi KK, good to see that you have joined the challenge! I wish you a great party.. It*s in the middle of the night here, so I cannot participate.. :-/