Friday, December 18, 2009

Happiest in Dixie!

Well this is certainly interesting!  I live in the poorest state in the Union, yet it is one of the happiest according to a new poll released today by the Associated Press. In fact, the three poorest made the top ten, and Louisiana, the 2nd poorest is number 1! 

I saw that Yahoo is equating the news with the sunshine states, but that leaves out Sunny California, so I nix that theory.  I have also seen it beefs up the Republican base a bit, as the most "liberal" states were really low on the list.  I do not know about that, but if Republicans are happiest when a Democratic President is in office and Congress is majority Dems, that's okay with me too.

7 of the top 10 are on the water, so that might be something too.  Water and Red State and poor state = happy. Hmm.  Guess I need to stay put right here in Jackson, MS! 

The most poignant realization to me though is the low income levels of many of these states.  It seems everyone wants more money, but the obvious sign from this poll is that money does not equate with happiness.  Of course we already knew that, but for those of us working hard to manifest more income, this is a bit of a tough pill to swallow.  Or, we could look at it like this:  Be happy whether you have money or not. Money will follow when you realize you can be happy without it.  Or it won't. Either way you'll be happy, so why worry?  Maybe that's it.....we're so broke we just do not worry about money. One cannot worry about losing what one does not have.  So, if we want more money, and we want to be happy, perhaps the thing is to be happy with money - but never let the fact that you have money make you more stressed, or paranoid or fearful. 

When we become wealthy, remember to remain humble. 

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Anonymous said...
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Claus D Jensen said...

Hi KK, that's food for thought...

Let's get rich AND happy!! :-D


Geoff said...

No, money does not create happiness. It does, however, allow you access to things that can create true fulfillment and the ability to impact the planet in a positive and very profound way.

(It's not necessary to do that, but it sure helps! It is also not necessary for happiness, but it can help there, too!)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Tammy L Veilleux said...

Hey KK~

Neat article. Did you see me up there in the north east corner. Maine has never been known for it's wealth but I love my state, I really do. Oddly enough Maine is also one of the LEAST religious states, which seems sort of odd when we are equating riches and happiness, too.

Either way I enjoyed your article.