Sunday, December 13, 2009

Social Media Soiree - Tacky Crafts: The Burning Grapefruit

Really looking forward to tonight's Social Media Soiree!  This is a monthly gathering on Twitter and via live Webinar that I can only describe as "A Hoot"!

I have been either late or missed altogether the previous events, so being on time tonight is exciting!  The plan for this evening's event is to talk trash about tacky crafts.  The ones we love to make and give as gifts.  I suspect there will be a lot of this this year with tight budgets: nonetheless, it is still fun to "bash" something in fun, where no one gets hurt, and we get to laugh in the meantime.

I look forward to sharing my tacky craft tale.  It had to do with a half grapefruit and a tealight.  This was years ago when I lived in Georgia.  My then boyfriend and I visited a business partner of his around Christmastime.  They had an absolutely georgeously built house but it was a wreck from top to bottom.  I have never seen such a mess!  Not nasty messy, but cluttered messy.  There was stuff every where.  In the midst of it all was a giant tree with presents wrapped and piled to the ceiling (with the same tacky paper I might add).  The lady of the house sent us on our way when we departed with a gift:  A half grapefruit with a hole cut in the middle and a tealight stuck in it.

What?  I still chuckle to myself.  That has got to be the tackiest thing ever.  Sweet of her to slap it together for us though.  My guess is it was supposed to make the room smell like grapefruit (If you could manage to keep from burning down the house or spilling grapefruit juice everywhere).  I don't think the thing even make it home that night. Bless her heart.  I know she meant well.  She did really give me a great gift though. She provided me with a funny memory - that is the real gift!  Thanks Hunny!


I hope you'll join us as we de-stress the Holidays and poke a little fun at each other tonight!

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