Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Please Loitering' and 'Funeral 7 Days'

Is that title a bit confusing?  Both of those phrases confused me too.  I have seen them recently on signs.  Obviously the meaning is misconstrued.  I know what the owners of the signs meant for me to comprehend, but still it strikes me as incongruent.  It throws me off balance. It aggravates me a little that people are trying to convey a message to the world: a message they obviously care about deeply, or at least enough to put up a sign about it, and yet, the message is vague: unclear.

So what is the message you want to convey?  What are you putting out there, that represents you?  What is on your "sign"?  Think about that. 

Pick one person who knows you, not a close friend but someone who knows you at least on a casual basis, and imagine what they might say about you when trying to describe you to someone else. Not physical characteristics, but who you are.  I know for me, when I think about that, I am usually not happy with what I hear.  In other words, I do not think most people I know on a casual basis have the least bit of an idea who I am.  They might know my stats, i.e. where I work, whether or not I am married or have kids, perhaps where I went to school or what city I live in, but beyond that, what do they know about who I am?

I challenge you today to put your best true self in front of the world around you.  I will join you.  Let's just see what happens!  Let's go do some good stuff today, and be true to who we really are!

How to Forgive Yourself


Andy Dolph said...

Great post KK,

This is something that I've struggled with - I live at the intersection of several worlds - theatrical design, event production, planetarium work, hypnosis, alternative spirituality, energy healing and more....

When I started my blog I thought about doing several different blogs for the "niches" that represent aspects of my life. But as I thought about it, I decided that it was really not being honest with the folks who read what I write. That it was more important to be present as myself then to try not to upset or challenge anyone. In fact if I challenge some people - it's probably for the better.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

KK, I want to see more of you! Right after the first priority of learning to love yourself is revealing the true you. Just know showing the true you is hard (you know how I struggle with some of my posts) but it's important.

And YOU are a ROCKSTAR, BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE, and AMAZING. I am glad you are my friend.


Anonymous said...
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