Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you know the "Hocus Focus" Game?

If you use the Wii Fit regularly you probably know what "Hocus Focus" is. I have been doing a little bit of working out with the Wii Fit for the past couple months since I quit smoking, and I am addicted!

Anyway, I happen to be working on a product on how to improve your Focus and Concentration skills, so "practicing" what I am preaching with the Hocus Focus game is a good idea I think. Have you ever tried it? It isn't easy at first. You have to sit perfectly still atop the Wii balance board and watch a candle burn on the screen. The game tries to throw you off with sounds such as footsteps and yawning and other things to get you off your "game" so to speak. I"m getting pretty good at it, but still goof up sometimes. When you do goof up, this scary mask flashes in front of you and yells at you - every time it does, it about makes me jump out of my skin!

The point I'm trying to make is that in order to teach something, I have to first learn it. In order to learn it, I have to step out of my comfort zone a bit. I cannot call myself an effective Focus and Concentration product developer until I can beat that silly game every single time. That is my commitment to my product.

If there is something you are wanting to start working on, a goal you have but cannot get started, or a topic you would like to learn more about, what is stopping you? Perhaps you simply avoid change. Maybe you are not "comfortable" trying something new. Could be you are talking yourself out of it for all kinds of reasons. Doing nothing is definitely easy. But then you stay right where you are now on your path. Is that what you want?

How to get moving -

Find something silly, like my Hocus Focus game, to challenge you a little bit. Maybe it could be writing in a journal for, say three days in a row, with your non-primary hand. Might be that you have been wanting to talk to a friend about a particular project - Try typing up your entire imagined conversation, then call him and see how well you stick to the script. Some little bitty thing. Create a Twitter account for your pet fish and write any nutty thing you want.... who cares? Nobody has to know it's you and you get to practice getting to your point in 140 characters or less! Would you be okay with something like that? That's all. Just one little bitty thing to inch you along for today.

Here's something cool happening in Beautiful Loveland, Colorado just as fall is in full breeze - Leap Live Event October 10th - 12th I understand that if you go through this link you can get $100 off the price of the event ~ just type in LIVEOFFER at the checkout where it says "Coupon Code."

Should be a wonderful event! I hope you get to go!

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