Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What we want, and Mr Fire's 29 ways to get it

This is why I love Joe Vitale - He takes money and brings it to a human level.

This is a picture of Joe and me at Unseminar 6 this past May
(Thanks to Craig Perrine for the Pic!)

What we want, is what money can buy, not the money itself. We do not need to be afraid of money - here are human ways, in fact impassioned ways to attract not only money, but the happiness we desire from money.

In other words, with or without money, if we do these things, we are sure to gain much more than "just" money - emotional wealth. These steps are a win-win for everyone! Here are just a couple of examples:

13. Forgive yourself and others.

14. Read Think and Grow Rich.

15. Turn a problem into a product and sell it online.

16. Feel grateful for something you have.

I am ready to begin. Are you?

29 Ways to Attract Money Now

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