Friday, June 26, 2009

Earth Song - Why I never heard it

I owe the world an apology.

I have not been listening.

In the aftermath of the Death of Pop Icon Michael Jackson today, I came across a video of his "Earth Song". (Although it was released about 12 years ago, I had never heard it)

I had no idea he was still creating music. I thought he had been hiding out at neverland or somewhere in Europe. I did not know he was facing the world and continuing his passion for life, sharing his talent, doing good, and expressing his deep concern for the welfare of the world.

Why didn't I know that before he died? Why did it take his death to bring this powerful song to my attention?

Maybe I listened to the wrong people. Maybe I was not listening to the right people. Maybe I believed some of the awful things that were said about him. Maybe I let myself get caught in the negativity trap.

I am sorry and I deeply apologize. Please forgive me.
I share my love now, his love, in this, his song:

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GarageBand - Claus D Jensen said...

Hi KK,

Unfortunatly the video is no longer available :-(

But it is a beautiful song, and he had a beautiful talent!