Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ask and You Will Succeed

You know it’s kind of funny what happens when someone takes massive action. I have noticed this before and it is happening again today.

Ken Foster is launching a new book and in the process of asking people to purchase his book “Ask and you Will Succeed” for Sixteen Dollars and change, he is giving away all kinds of bonuses, worth upwards of 11 grand!

What’s funny is I get it – the why I mean. The book itself is about asking and answering your own questions, finding your “inner guide” sort of thing. This is a cool concept and I am looking forward to the book, but the funny thing is, Ken seems to have taken his own advice. He is literally giving away the whole forest when you buy his seedling (the book).

I love how this works. Someone is in an extremely creative and giving state, and we all get to benefit. Ken probably is in such a state of euphoria right now; (having finally completed the book, reached his goal, the launch date is here… etc) that he doesn’t even realize how much he is really giving us. It does not matter though. He will never regret it.

I believe when someone is operating on such a high level, the entire universe benefits. I am very thankful that Ken is listening to his inner voice and being so generous with his book launch. I hope you will join me in taking advantage of his awesome offer!

Here is the link for the book The Book, "Ask and you Will Succeed" with bonuses

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