Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KK speaking at UnSeminar 6

How bout that? Pat O'Bryan asked me to come up front during Unseminar 6 last weekend and tell everybody how I got there. I just found this pic on his flickr photostream.

So many wonderful people, including Pat and Joe Vitale were supportive of my creative efforts to fund the trip, that I feel compelled to take massive action.... I cannot let them down!

I had this nutty idea to ask people to sponsor me for the trip, in exchange for which I would wear their link and/or logos on my shirts each day. It was awesome! I had enough money for the trip in a little over a week. I am so grateful to my sponsors who believed in me enough to take a leap of faith.

Please take a look at the entire list of my sponsors at

The weekend was awesome and the friendships I made were incredible. I have a lifetime of good stuff ahead of me from the experience of attending Unseminar 6!

Thank you Pat and Joe and all the beautiful speakers, friends, and fellow attendees for a phenomenal experience!


kate loving shenk said...

KK--What did you say during your great speech??

Did any one film it or record it??

KK's InterNetWork Cafe said...

Hi Kate! Yes! Pat recorded it!
I just talked about how everyone at Milagro World was so supportive, how my mastermind group kicked me in the pants Until I got it done, and I thanked all my sponsors