Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcoming Spring Southern Style

Tater Queens
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You might have heard about the crazy St Paddy's day parade we have every year down in Jackson, MS. If not, the big stars are the Sweet Pototo Queens (right) and their millions (okay thousands) of adoring fans called "wannabees".

I will let you read more about the queens on their site so I don't get slapped (they're pretty particular....because they can be!) just go read about them here:

The whole thing is nuts but it is a hoot too and that makes for quite a party! Women and their "Spud Studs" get to dress all out in sequins and bling, and act like queens for a good cause - the Blair E Batson Hospital for Children.

Jill Conner Browne is a humorous and fun-loving person who has written several best selling books. She likes to say "More is More" and she and her SPQ organization get more hilarious and fun every year!

Jill's story is funny but there is a serious note to it. She knew down in her heart she would be successful when she got to do what she loved, which is to write in her own southern humorous style. She is a great example of how "doing what you love" is a true avenue to success.

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