Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is there really no such thing as Luck?

James Ray released this timely discussion on video today about Luck. As a young man on his way up, he had a great job in what he thought would be his career. This great 'American Dream" was nearly shattered when the telemarketing industry collapsed. Instead of going with the only "real" opportunity, he decided to say no to a proposal by the company he was working for.

Against the advice of his family and friends, he listened to "something in his gut" that told him there had to be another way. This daring decision worked out very well for him, and many told him he was just "lucky". However, James says there is no such thing as "luck" According to James, "luck is only an acronym for 'Living Under Correct Knowledge'".

Listen/watch as he explains this concept and story in the humorous way only he can.

Happy St Paddy's day and make your own "Luck" today!

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