Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thanks Randy Pausch

You do not have to be a computer genius, which he was, or an art aficionado, which he was, or a PhD indoctrinated college professor, which he most certainly was, or a virtual reality geek, which he also was, to appreciate what Randy Pausch has to say. Special thanks to Ken McArthur and Tracy Repchuk for bringing Randy’s message to my inbox.

View the video Here. It is worth your time!

His “last lecture” and book of the same name has inspired college students, youth, and many others (myself included) about the power of imagination and believing in your childhood dreams. Randy’s last lecture is a gift to us from him. His life was a gift, and he had the forethought to realize that and make sure we all get the chance to receive his optimism, even after he is gone. His work on teams transformed graduate school to "Edutainment" status (his term) at Carnegie Mellon.

Randy died yesterday, yet his death was in a way a catharsis…a jump-start for the rest of us to do what he did. Embrace his dream, never take “no” for an answer and to scale, even bust through, every brick wall we face. Thanks Randy! You are endeared to us forever.

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