Thursday, July 31, 2008

One simple way to help each other

Notice the new widget on the sidebar here? (It says "recent visitors" and is light blue) If you click "add me to this site's community" you will go to my "bloglog" page, where you can join.

If many of us do this, and link to each other, we not only help each other by adding incoming links to our blogs, but we can regularly visit each other and comment. Adding comments to someone's blog enhances the "value" in terms of how high your search terms are ranked in google or other search engines. The higher we rank, the more internet traffic we get to our blog.

As a proponent of teambuilding, I believe that we, the writers and readers of blogs are a team. The goal is to help each other in whatever capacity we can to be more successful in life and on the internet. I hope you will join me in this quest by becoming an addition to this community.

My bloglog is a simple to use application/ site where you can post all of your sites in one place. Let us begin this quest and see how far we can take it! I look forward to commenting on your blogs.....see you there soon!

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