Tuesday, May 20, 2008

President Roosevelt and Inspiration through Pain

Special on PBS "The American Experience" last night reminded me how much pain the man was in, yet he made such a huge impact on the lives of so many Americans, and indeed on the world.

Got me thinking. Why is it that pain many times produces some sort of positive result? Does that mean pain is necessary to achieve a positive outcome? I don't know the answer, just posing the question.

Sometimes I think I have experienced too much pain, yet other times, perhaps I have not subjected myself to enough. Is there a path we can go through, and emerge from somehow stronger, more loving, happier, making a bigger difference....some sort of rite of passage which includes a certain amount of pain?

Yet there are many who endure pain their entire lives and never come out on the sunny side. What's with that? Is that a choice they make? Perhaps is not the amount, but the severity? Or the wherewithal to cope, no matter the hurt. Just seems cruel to have to go through. Are there those who never feel pain, yet still find themselves strong leaders? Is that even possible?

Just pondering these things today. Let me know your thoughts!

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