Thursday, May 10, 2007

Minor Retraction. This is Way Cool!

No more BW bashing for me!
After stirring up all that dust yesterday
I finally figured out the "missing link".

The training is there and it is awesome,
(now that I know where to look).

Good thing is, you won't have to
figure that out, because I already did!

So the next thing I want you to do
is take a few minutes to go through
this presentation.

No matter what you choose to do
at the end, it is an awesome tool
for you to use to clarify your goals
and to get a little more motivated.

Watch it here

and you will need my passkey,
which is "books4life"

The site will direct you from there.

If at any time you want to just
go straight to the main site to
look around more or go ahead
and join, you may do so.

Thanks everybody!

Have an awesome day~


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