Wednesday, May 9, 2007

If you are Intelligent, are you also a Snob?

I have been involved with this company for about a month now.
There are countless wonderful things I can say about it.
However, I am taking a backward approach and starting with
what I hate. These people think they are too good for me.
They apparently mainly market to people who are already
wildly successful. There are no special tools to make it
easy for you. No cute little banners, pre-set auto responders,
no lead marketing deals or internet marketing secrets.

You join; it is totally up to you to build.

The tag line of the company is
"The Most Intelligent Home Based Business in the World".

All I know is, I like this business, and I want to share it.
No help. Nada. None. I have emailed uplines sidelines,
Put in support tickets. Bottom line: The folks who
already know how to do it can do it without their
coaching. They figure they will teach their new

What Snobs!

Now......really. It is worth sharing. I am telling you
this system is phenomenal, and since it is still new,
I will not hold their lack of training structure against
them. I will do this though, (because I want to show
‘em a thing or two about people):

Let's blow the roof off this pop stand and show them
How REAL people (that's you and me) can do this.

No snobby Guru here. Just me, and you, and the
phenomenal team we will build together.

(Okay already, KK. So what is it?)

It is Bookwise & Company. Your own personal
little corner bookstore on the net.

Very charming actually. Lots of perks,
not a lot of cost. You spend 35 bucks a month.

For that, you get:

Bestseller of your choice. (not a "bookclub edition"
either, mind you. This is the real deal)

Audio book of the month. (Very cool, one of my favorite perks)
Recorded interview with Bestselling author each month.

HUGE discounts on other books you buy. (Did I say
"Huge"? I'm sorry. I mean to say "Colossal"!

And, get training and wealth training!

This is what gets my goat. They have this awesome
training on what to do with your money once you
have tons of it. What about how to get the money
in the first place?

Well, that may be up to you and me, but I think we
can work out some co-ops and tips and tools
I've picked up here and there to make this work.

Another thing is this. There is a site we are not supposed
To share yet....but nanana na na naah, I'm sharing it anyway.

(you have to email me to get it though)

Anyway once it goes "live" and we can start using our
Associate number with it, there will be a huge benefit
to us in building this thing.

Mind you, I found this by accident. In the webinar I
stumbled on trying to find something else.

I get into this room and end up rubbing elbows with
big time internet marketer Donna Fox. I'm tickled
to death. Here we are just chatting away. Lala la.
I mention something about a seminar I saw she did
With Harris Fellman and Tellman Knudson. "Good, thanks,
Glad you saw it" she says. Oh by the way you
Know Harris is in Bookwise too!...

Good grief! Russell Brunson sponsored me. He was,
thankfully, not too snobby to share it with his list,
albeit via one voice recorded message. Thankfully I
listened! Now I find out both Donna Fox and
Harris Fellman are in? I am on Harris' list.

He never sent me a word about it. What is up with that?

I am not keeping it a secret. It's just not fair to the
rest of us. Call me a renegade, but I want the world
to know about this little secret of the rich and famous.

Speaking of rich and famous, did I mention the founders?


Goodness me. I really did do this backwards.

Okay, if you do join, just take this whole letter and turn
it around before you share it.

It'll probably work better for you that way.

Founded by: Robert G. Allen and Richard Paul Evans.

Robert G. Allen: Bestselling author of Nothing Down,
Multiple Streams of Income, Cracking the Millionaire Code
and tons more.

Richard Paul Evans: Self made millionaire, entrepreneur,
author of the wildly famous book The Christmas Box,
and Five things a millionaire taught me (which you get
free when you!)

Both of these guys do the training a couple times a week.

I tell you even if I never make a dime I will stay in just
For the fun and perks. It is well worth it! But hey, why
not make a fortune in the process?

Here is the site:

Go take a look and sign up. I can't wait to prove to these
guys it doesn't take a genius to sell smart!

Oh yeah...the secret site. Contact me through the site where it says
"contact me", and I will send you the link.

Ready? Go now!

PS. Almost forgot. This guarantee is unheard of!

We are so confident that you will have a life-enriching experience as a BookWise Associate that we guarantee it. Stay with us as an active Associate for 12 months, and if, at the end of that time period you are not fully satisfied, we will return 100% of your membership fees ($35 per month). No questions asked. You can even keep all the books you purchased.

Huh? Wow. They aren't kidding!

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