Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Into the Blu

It's a social network!  It's an app!  It's a screen saver! It's a game!  No - well yes!  It's all of the above and more - it's the freshly launched , now in open beta.  The purpose is to raise awareness (and funds) for carefully selected non-profit groups dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans and the delicate ecosystems within.  There is fun for all types... techies, artistics, socially concious, and those who just like to play. 

Since it is fresh and still in Beta, it's got some quirks, but it shows promise of really taking off and bringing a fresh platform for those of us who like to explore new things in the ever evolving arena of social networking.  I personally am really excited, because saving the ocean is my big passion.  I have adopted three fish already with my 100 credits I got for signing up.  I named them Speedy, Goldie, and Rosie.  I can choose to follow just them in my own habitat, or move to the common area habitat where everybody gets to play in the beginning.  Once things are more evolved, I think the idea is to spend moolah to get to play in other habitats.  The site donates 25% of every dollar to one of thier non-profit collaboraters, who currently consist of

 For those who love to create beautiful graphic images (I wish I had the patience), you can sign up to help create the environment.  That seems like it would be pretty rewarding!  You get credit forever for each species you develop.  How's that for getting in on the ground (er... ocean) floor?

The social networking part is a little different than what one might expect.  For now, from what I can tell, you "follow" the other members by clicking on their fish, and going to the info about that fish which tells you who the owner is.  You can then choose to follow them if you wish.  I think the trick is to use the screen saver function, which keeps it going while you're away from your computer, so that others can "find" your fishies.

I'm still a novice, so I may not be 100% correct about how it all works. Will let y'all know when I figure out more!  For now, come join me!  My nickname is "kkay".  See you in the Blu!

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