Friday, March 23, 2012

Peaceful Waters


Grouped next to each other in their little corner of my newest addiction (Pinterest), is a collection of pins depicting my passion for the ocean.  Back in the fall I took on a challenge at Squidoo to make 30 lenses on one niche.  I chose “deep water exploration” and ended up with such a diverse group of 30 lenses that I am still narrowing that niche down even now.  For me, the love has to be the cause.  By that, I mean I love that which is vulnerable.  So “cause” is the niche.  I hope I am making sense. The point is that I have been searching for the right playground to write in for several years now.  I have twisted and turned here and there, and now, finally, I feel at home in the watery underworld of ocean life and with it my passion for saving the oceans. Maybe it’s a phase, or maybe I’m finding my calling, at nearly 50 years old.  Perhaps that’s a blessing?

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