Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why it Doesn’t Have to be so Hard

So many times in my life and work, I come across people who seem to be shrouded in misery.  Everything they say is something about a horrible thing that happened to them, or to someone else, or is happening somewhere in the world. Everything they do revolves around something painful or miserable.  It’s almost like we seek out the biggest award for being the most miserable person still living.  The end game, being death, is the apparent goal here.
I get it.  Misery sells…  Misery loves company… and all that other (not so happy) crap.  Why though? Why do we humans so often want to focus on bad things?  Especially now, that we are in a more enlightened age, and we know that “money flows where attention goes”.  If we’re focusing on the toilet, or things that are equally disgusting, that’s where our life goes.  So why do we keep doing this?  How can we break the pattern of constant negative talk and negative thinking?
It’s kind of scary to some. In fact, it’s downright frightening.  But it doesn’t have to be.  According to Dr Hu Len, whom I’ve studied through Dr. Joe Vitale for the past few years, it all boils down to the relationship with our inner child.  I remember back several years (maybe decades?) ago when the inner child was all the rage… healing the inner child was seen then as a sort of ultimate traumatic drama – raw and painful, the trophy of the day for martyrs of pain.  If someone needed to “heal” their inner child, then they must have been through something horrifying at a tender young age.  People started “blaming” all their problems on early childhood trauma.  This became something of a badge of honor for negativity hounds…. The big excuse. The reason for every bad thing that ever happened in the history of the universe.
But that’s not what Dr. Len’s teaching is about.  Healing does not necessarily mean going back and dredging up some horrible nightmare of a memory and reliving it.  Healing the inner child is just that. A healing process.  A loving, healing, nurturing and simple exercise he calls “cleaning”. 
Dr. Vitale has teamed up with awesome musician Mathew Dixon in a new meditation that guides you through healing your inner child relationship.  This is a beautiful “core” guided process that combines the healing power of music and inner love to bring you  in tune with most true self: the one untarnished by negative thinking;  the little girl or boy filled with wonder and trust and genuine hopeful expectations.  This is the relationship most important in your life, according to Dr. Len, and it deserves to be nurtured, loved, and free to express itself as you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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