Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer's End

The first sign that Summer is ending is the increase in activity in 'Special Offer' events. I have two awesome such events to share with you today, plus, I'm including my new creation "Deep Water Mind Triip" Download link.

The end of summer marks many things for me. I'm a summer person, (but not a hot weather person. That creates a bit of a conflict... lol.) Seriously though, it means change. For the most part, in a good way. I love the Back-to-School, here comes fall, Halloween, the Holidays, all that good stuff, every year. Let's celebrate it with a couple of cool things for you!

The first is the end of summer giveaway called "Summer Rain". This one is a bit smaller than the usual giveaway I might normally share, but I like it because it's intimate. It's a nice way to "ease" into the goodness coming, and I have created a brand new gift for it (which is what I'm sharing with you today!)

I've given it a lookover and here's a head's up on a few of the gifts I'm most exited about:

•Master Class with John Thornhill

•Discover Your Life Passion

•How to Become Your Best Self

•The Mind Weapon Video

•Review on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

•The Primal You Report

•And of course my new gift "Deep Water Mind Trip"

But you don't need to worry about finding that last one, because you're already an awesome reader and I'm sharing with you now!

The Summer Rain Giveaway event starts tomorrow, August 16. But, you can go ahead and sign up now if you have a gift you'd like to submit.

Now for the 2nd Exciting event~! Launching Today!

I've just finished reading one of the most amazingly enjoyable books on "Success" to come
along in a long time: "An Invitation to Your Financial Success and Freedom"

It's already being hailed as an instant classic, and compared with "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson ... and even "The Dream Giver" by Bruce Wilkinson.

Written by Dr. Mary Ozegovich - known affectionately as Dr. Mary Oz,"An Invitation To Your Financial Success And Freedom" packs an incredible amount
of helpful strategies into its pages.

It's a light, fun, highly entertaining read, in a style that puts the readers right in the story.  Because it's written in "allegory" style - it never gets ponderous or confusing, the way so many "Success", "Business", or "Self-Help" books do.

Instead, this is a book you can easily read in an evening - even if you come home exhausted
from a grueling day at work - and immediately absorb its lessons without having to think about

In fact, although it's not a "kids' book", I'd be willing to bet you could read "An Invitation To
Your Financial Success And Freedom" to your older children, and they would totally "get it".

It really is that simple, that entertaining, and that clearly written.
If your business or private life isn't where you want to be, then "something" might be missing
... and I'm willing to bet you can find it in "An Invitation To Your Financial Success And

While you're there, have a look at all the bonus gifts she's giving you with your copy of the book.

All those gifts she's offering you are available on a "limited time" basis.

That link again is:

Mary's mentor is one of my favorite authors - Og Mandino. The book is written in an even simpler style, but I like the message.

Y'all have a great beginning of the end of Summer, and I look forward to hearing from you soon~!

All my best to you always,


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