Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Selling Toys or Selling Fun?


I realize not all my readers are sales people.  I don't really consider myself one either.
In some sense, though, we are all selling something to somebody. 
We sell ourselves to employers, spouses, clients, and even our kids.
Yep I said kids.  How do we convince them to mind? 

We have to sell them on the fact that we will make their lives very uncomfortable if they don't.
On the flip side, we are the buyers of our kids' toys. We buy their stuff, not them.  The can beg us all day for a particular toy, but the bottom line is, if there is not something we like about it, some benefit we can conceive of for ourselves or our kid, we ain't buyin it.  Right?

So, do we buy toys for our kids or do we buy them "fun"?

This is a concept that the very successful salesman Joe Sugarman (remember "Blue Block" Sunglasses?) taught me in a series of recordings I picked up from the godfather of Internet Marketing himself, Mark Joyner for nothing. 

They are so cool!  These 29 audios are really fun "life lessons" from a salesman's perspective. 
I feel like I have the inside scoop.  It's awesome.

I'm happy to share this with you  -  Grab it here

(According to Joe, they are only available for a few days at this zero price)
I'd listen to him.  He's a genius!

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