Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wondering if anyone can make a habit of "Victory"? I know some people can...

My friend Mike Shippey has a new book out called  "Habitual Victory".  I love his writing and his "make it look easy" style.  One of the things he does well is make what you have to do seem very simple.  I have a terrific knack for complicating everything, so  I can appreciate the fact that, according to Mike Shippey anyway, we can make victory come simply. 

 How in the world does he propose to do that?  I wondered the same thing.  He has some real power hitters contributing to the book, for one thing.  I know Pat O'Bryan, having been a student of his for several years now, and he is one person who most definitely has a habit of winning. 

 What's even cooler about Mike's book though is he came at the whole process with one goal in mind.... how to help us get to where we need to be despite all of our genuine, yet failed attempts to succeed.  So he's really yankin' back the curtains to let us look at these minds from a place no one has ever tapped before...... not "how do you succeed" but "how do you not fail"?

 Since failure is what we do not want, and the gurus in this book have been through their own share of failure, Mike, in his ever so laid back and gentle persuasion, gets the keys to unlock the victory treasure chest for all of us... once and for all!

Mike doesn’t write a lot of fluffy stuff. He’s just a brass-tacks, get it done kind of person, yet he will inspire you to get moving and get your life going in the right direction.  Something else about Mike is that he is someone who really cares.  If he did not sincerely think this book will help you and me, then he would not put it out there.  It is a code I share and appreciate.  That’s why I am so happy to share his work with you.   

I can't wait to see how you react after you've read the book and done what Mike says.  I just can't wait.  Hurry up and let me know, okay?

click here to get "Habitual Victory"

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