Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tobri Timing and Ning Changes

I gotta say,the new social network Tobri's coming on at this particular time, when most of our Ning networks are going away, is kismet!  (I wonder if the developers knew?)

Either way it's a good thing.  I am still learning the ropes, but so far I really like it!  I like that you can help yourself remember how you know folks, (although, it's kinda weird to me. I am not really good at categorizing people, especially my friends).... however, as I grow more gray hairs and get closer to (gasp!) having to color it, I seem to lose brain cells which control memory, so it's a good thing.

I only have one Ning site (http://lovemastermind.com)  - and I am still not sure if I want to keep it.  I did put some work into it and hate to lose it, but on the other hand, it takes work to keep bringing people to it.  Even at under 3 bucks a month, is it worth it?  I guess it's not really the money, but the fact that I have to decide to make the commitment.

I seem to be babbling here, but I do have a valid inner argument going.  If no one stops to look at a piece of art hanging in the museum, do the curators take it down?  How much foot traffic and eyeball time makes the piece worth keeping? The Love Mastermind site is a dream I have long had but have given little attention to.  There are other fires burning brighter which need my attention.  As I fashion myself to be somewhat of an expert on focused attention (see http://learntoconcentrate.com )  I know that too much is too much and at some point we need to let things go. 

 Ah.  So I have my answer.  Sadly, my dear Ning, I bid you adieu~

 An onward, Tobri:  How can I move my passion for building mastermind groups based on love to your bright and shiny new arena? 
Are you already a part of the Tobri Network?  I'd love to connect!  http://www.tobri.com/karenlkay/

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Angie - The Work at Home Wife said...

I am feeling your pain. I had a small, private community hosted on Ning. The participation level faltered during the summer months, and without knowing if it will return to normal I will also let mine go. Even though I love it.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely check this option out.