Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Testing @mrfire 's "Write From the Heart" approach from Zen & the Art of Writing

There is a breath across time carring me - a forward movement instead of a viral undertow.  Is this hope? Or is it false hope?
Where shall I go next in my search for the quill?  Do I search only for the sanity that accompanies the satisfaction of having written, having "done"?
Might I also enjoy the doing? Perhaps I might?  "Spirits Having Flown" was the title of a song and album from my youth. I always wondered why it (the title) bothered me so much.  It was, I think now, the past tense of it. It seemed to grieve.  "Spirits Flying" seems much more powerful - and "having flown" so tragic.  It is Done.
Please forgive us for things we have Done and left Undone - the Lord's Prayer.
Un anything - Pat O'Bryan
To do - never ends
Get to do - Craig Perrine
Just do it - Nike
Let's do this - somebody said that I think.
Hey.... how about this?  Would rather leave something undone than have to do the undoing.
                                    nah. That's the safe route.
Being is doing.

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ZenDoc said...

Hi KK, we missed you on the Orange MMG call tonight. It was just Jeannie and I. She's trying to figure out Twitter. I worked with her a little and she was going to Tweet you & ask you to follow her, so you could Tweet each other including dm's. She's @beadlovely. I picked up a book at a booksale this weekend that sounds like it may be similar to "Write from the Heart". It's called "Writing From the Inner Self" by Elaine Farris Hughes. It's subtitled "Writing and Meditation Exercises that Free your Creativity, Inspire your Imagination and Help You Overcome Writer's Block" - it was written in 1994. It looks interesting. ~ David @ZenDoc