Friday, June 4, 2010

Not for the sexually squeamish: End cap warning in Rite Aid

Disclaimer: I like Rite Aid just fine so please do not get me wrong.  I am merely questioning their choice of product placement. 
I'm having several new prescriptions filled at a Rite Aid, which is not my regular pharmacy but I am sick and just want to feel better and it is very close to home, so here I am.
The "tech" something guy (can't read his whole title under lab coat lapel) seems like a regular guy, perhaps even a little mature for his age. Young yet poised and educated.  I hand him my scripts and fold my arms to wait, gazing at the first products on the shelf next to the window thingie.  This is likely where most would begin the wait process, I would think, before moving on to browse in other places.  Tech guy is on the other side of plexiglass now, processing something, about a foot from my face, when I realized the products I am looking at are various types and flavors and even degrees of sexual lubricant. 
First thought?  Where is Alan Funt?

Taking a closer look, I am shocked at the names of these things: 
Astroglide (strange image of the Jetson's dog comes to mind)
Wet (well I guess that's pretty open and honest anyway)
Doc Johnson..... (I cannot even print the rest of the name of this one)
Swiss Navy (really?)
Quiver freezable lubricant cubes (I have surely seen it all now)
and the most curious:  "Platinum Premium".... I just can't even go there
So I look up from my sex education class to see Mr Tech guy still standing face to face behind the plexiglass. Embarassed, I wonder how many times he sees this happen.  Must get him a chuckle or two.  But since I really do feel like crap and have had enough I sit to wait, and watch for how other customers react.  My wait was short and there were only two other customers.  A thin 60 ish woman in tennish shorts and vericose veins who took forever to pay. She was so enthralled in the process she never even looked up. Darn.  Next victim, a fairly young woman with a small child walks by, shopping, not getting an rx.  She glances in the general direction and slows, but does not inspect any further.  They must sell this stuff if they have it so prominently displayed.  I am dying to know who buys it.
I Can't wait to go for a refill!
this makes me think of a neat couple I met last year at Unseminar 7, who have gone on through Pat O'Bryan's coaching program to create a recipe for what they call "Sexploration Cream".  At least you don't have to buy while the tech guy at Rite Aid watches you shop!  (yes, I joined their affiliate program....  If you buy it, I get a commission. Cool!)

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