Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miracles in my Inbox

I check my email fairly frequently throughout the day, and am usually pretty good about keeping it cleaned out.  But each morning, having been away for several hours I generally have tons to go through.  The first thing I do is look for miracles.  This is so much fun!  I know they are there every single day!
It might be a comment from a friend on a Facebook post, or a comment from someone on my list about an email I sent them.  It could be that I have made a couple of sales and have Money!  (Always miraculous!)  Or it could be that someone has "found" me from out of the blue and just wants more info or to talk.
Sometimes the "miracle" is that I do not have tons of junk.  (My email addy is fairly public, so I do get a lot of it)
It might be that someone made a comment on a blog I also commented on, and it has an impact on me.
It might be an email from someone whose list I belong to really resonates with me today.
Maybe a faraway relative has news.  (My Mom makes sure I get all  of these... lol)
Maybe it is something hysterical someone had to share.  A laugh, indeed, is a miracle.

There is ALWAYS a miracle or two in my morning inbox.  I LOVE to check my email.

Will the next one have something to do with you?

I wish you many miracles and hope to hear about them soon!

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Anonymous said...

Mmm... You are right. Maybe we see them as everyday items, so we did't put attention to the fact that they are important messages.

I had two subscriptions to sites that send me thoughts or spiritual messages. one is punctual: Every night, between 12:00 and 12:10 is in my inbox. I read it before sleeping, and thought of it. The other one is random in his deliver, so it comes in the morning, or at the meal time, or very late... But that makes me more conscious of it's arrival!

Thanks to make me thing on that.