Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Death of an Apple Tree

I moved in to my first little house just over a decade ago, you see.
My mother purchased an Apple Tree for me.

We planted it outside the kitchen window.
The perfect view of my new tree.

It was a Granny Smith Tree but we called it a Nana Tree.
It grew quite well and flourished. It came to be a friend to me.

Life is funny. Sometimes things happen.  Things happened to me.
I had a child. I got married.  I still loved the tree.

But it grew too big to be a tree so close to a house for me.
One day it fell and died. The Nana tree a memory.

Though it never bore fruit, it was lovely to me.
I look out the same window, and I still see the tree.

Now in tough financial times, it's a comfort to me
To think about the tree.
Please, Mr foreclosure man.  Don't you see?
No one will remember the tree, but me.

I am the only one who can see
Please don't make me leave the memory

of our Nana tree

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