Thursday, December 31, 2009

Y2k +10

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Y2k didn’t happen, but 9.11 did. All that worrying had to go someplace I guess. Perhaps this is a good point as we move into the next decade. Out of the “oughts”. My Pawpaw used to refer to the first decade of the 20th century with “oughts”. “Back in ought 8” he’d start out... We never did that in the 2ks. Wonder why? Anyway hello to the teens – or I guess we’ll be in the Tweens first, then the teens?

We certainly are more number conscious these days, what with y2k and 9.11, and my friend Mr. 2020 was discussing on Moon Moo & You Radio show yesterday how goals and visions are two distinctly different things. A goal is when one sets out to accomplish x by time y with method z. A vision is…. Well it’s just a whole nother thing. Visions are the stuff of mysticism and inner happiness and all things possible within us and with the universe as a whole. Visions are not cut down to a pie slice or algebraic equation. Visions are boundless. Googledy google to infinity-ness. Visions are not a number.

So 10 years ago I was about 30 lbs lighter and I was a smoker. I was single and had no kids. Today I am smoke free and married with a beautiful little boy. I could never have dreamed it. My own family was not in my “vision”. As I met the year 2000, I was pretty much resolved to being an old spinster with my little dog forever. Something changed in me after 9.11. I was re-routed. I felt a stronger purpose. I became more social and more open to possibility. That is what that day taught me. The terrorists never dreamed they would awaken so many souls. I now know that “love” is a verb.

Love into the next decade, and may it be your best ever!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ten years ago, I was certain I would be married again and have a child at this point. I didn't think I would have a business partner who would cost me thousands of dollars, thereby I thought I would still have a savings...
BUT, Because of the bad job, I decided to be a writer no matter what, this go around. I have decided to see the world, no matter what... and my faith, my belief in a greater good is stronger than ever... KK thank you for being such a rockstar friend!

Twenty Twenty said...

Thanks for the mention Karen! Whoo yah! Isn't personal transformation grand! Glad to read more about you and your story. Keep rocking and rolling.

With hugs and love,

Mr Twenty Twenty
Whooo yah

Anonymous said...
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Connie Ragen Green said...

Ten years ago I was battling cancer for the second time. I managed to keep my teaching job and was able to pay my bills. I knew I wanted to change my life, but I just couldn't see past my immediate situation.
If you are struggling with your daily life, spend at least a few minutes each day imagining what you would like in your life. It may take awhile, but finally you will move closer to your dream.

yakrider said...

gee, now all we have to worry about is December 2012! :-0
the heck with it...I'm done worrying 'bout the future! gonna just enjoy today ;-)
Mtn Jim

Anonymous said...
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