Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is wrong with the ROM?

The ROM Crystal has gotten a bit of a bad rap in recent days, after being named one of the world's ugliest buildings by VirtualTourist.com 's top 10 ugly buildings in the world.  The Royal Ontario Museum was #8. 

Then yesterday the buzz turned for the good when the new book "off the Tourist Trail:  1,000 Unexpected Travel Alternatives" (see below) named the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal one of only 6 modern buildings to rival the marvelous Sidney Opera House.

That is kinda funny because the Sidney Opera House is exactly what it reminds me of. 

Growing up in the College town of Hattiesburg, MS, and being part of the Performing Arts when I attended Southern Miss, I used to walk through the art gallery every day on my way to music classes.  There was always some strange sculpture on display and I remember sometimes wondering just how these odd garbled twists and bends of metal and cable and all sorts of medium could be construed as art.  Then something happened. I began to look forward to seeing what the next one would be, and the next, and eventually, was even craving the next piece of strange "art" to be created and shown for my amusement.

So, if the ROM is causing a buzz, and people are talking, be it good or bad, if it is controversial in style and substance, then I say it is most definitely a success!  Next time I go to Ontario, I look forward to taking it in!

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mridea said...

I've been through the old ROM many times. I look forward to checking out the new building the next time I'm in downtown Toronto.