Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grand Canyon SkyWalk

Interesting, no-doubt breathtaking and thrilling, I imagine the Grand Canyon SkyWalk is quite an experience.  For the Hualapai Indians, who have struggled for many years, it may be their saving grace.  For the sake of their economy, I hope it helps.

To me it is heartbreaking.  I remember going on a day hike in the Grand Canyon as a teenager.  Imagining having to look up at that heap instead of the natural beauty it desecrates is tough to bear.  I do understand the need for economic growth for our Native Americans.  In Mississippi, our beloved Choctaws sold out years ago to the mighty dollar and are now a thriving nation thanks to the gambling industry. I only wish the best for any people. What makes me sick is that it had to come to this.

The 66 foot glass horseshoe protrudes over the edge of the natural masterpiece like a giant discarded pop-top - trashing up the view from below, above, and the North Rim.  It does not end here either, unfortunately.  The Hualapai tribe intends to build an enormous complex around the eyesore, making it a full-fledged junked up South Rim. Yuck!

Perhaps I will bring myself to fork out the 70 someodd bucks to visit someday and will soften my opinion.  I only wish there were a way for the Hualapai to thrive without having to deface the very earth they hold so sacred.

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Sight Seer said...

I guess you have a point. I would much rather hike down the canyon than 'hang out' on this structure. Read more about the Grand Canyon at

Aly Beth said...

This is definitely on my to-do list! I had no idea about to 70-ish bucks though!