Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Next Step

I had the opportunity to tune in when my friend Velma Gallant interviewed one of my favorite people, Bruce Muzik today. He says his goal is just to help people get to "the next step". Whether or not they hang around with him long enough to take a step beyond that does not matter. He is merely concerned with getting us to the next step.

How many times do we get overwhelmed by looking at the whole way up, and miss the importance of the steps as we go? It is wonderful to appreciate every accomplishment as we get there.

There is no reason to make a huge deal about things at all! Think backward from your goal, divide the path to get there into steps, and whenever you complete one step, have a celebration! Do a little dance! Pat yourself on the back and move on. What a fun approach that could be!

Bruce is a "Law of Attraction" coach and a self-proclaimed "transformation junkie". Something else he mentioned today is that our reality is based on the context in which we perceive it. Rather than focusing on "visualization", which only acknowledges one of our senses, imagine having reached your goal with your entire being, and really feel yourself in that reality with all the senses.

Combine that with another great mentor of mine, Joe Vitale's advice to "take inspired action", and there really is no stopping us now!

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