Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Huge Team effort about to manifest!

I cannot believe it is actually here! Day after tomorrow, August 15th, the first, hopefully annual, SL Peacefest begins! This is an enormous effort put together by a group within Second Life

SL Peacefest 08 is a worldwide conglomerate of musicians, panelists, artists, and others who wish for a more peaceful world. Aside from tons of awesome concerts, a silent auction for some incredible pieces of work, and other performances by comedians, etc, there are panelists from across the world slated to talk with all of us about how to solve the problems the beautiful people of this world face every day.

See more info on the SL Peacefest Lens

The event supports several charities which support these ideals. Please take a moment to stop by and check out the blog.

Then please plan to join us for many of the events and support this incredibly human project, for those of us included in the residents of the world!

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