Saturday, December 15, 2007

Is Santa Sal Sexist?

I have a friend who seems to think that the Sal character in this promotion is sexist...Here is my response to her:

re: the whole helper thing....I did not find it offensive because the "Santa Sal" Character is a fictitious character created by Harris, who is raunchy in all ways, purposefully so, a comic act, of a supposedly former Mob guy gone straight. He's not to be taken seriously. I can see how someone who is not already affiliated with Harris could get the wrong idea, but Harris the man is a very bright, caring individual who would never discriminate against anybody. He shared a video with his list once , when a friend was a video tribute. He got up at like 4 am and did this, his heart was so heavy. He sat there with tears streaming down his face talking about how much he loved this man...who happened to be black, and how much he would be missed.

No. I do not think Harris Fellman is sexist.

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