Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How to get the whole….er, um…

Can I say that? “Shebang”?

I’m talkin as in “the whole shebang”.

I was about to put that in the title, then I thought

“what if that is a saying only Americans use?”

Or worse yet, Just us Southerners?

Or maybe it’s something my Paw Paw used to say

And nobody else has a clue what I mean!

If you misunderstood, you might think I was

Talking about that song by Ricky Martin

You know, the one that kid William Hung did on

American Idol that was so funny?

Anyway, here is how to get the whole Shebang.

(and if you want to know what that means, there is an entire discussion on the origin of the phrase here: http://www.phrases.org.uk/bulletin_board/43/messages/448.html )

What do you get when you put Mark Joyner, Armand Morin,
Jeff Walker, Marlon Sanders, Brad Fallon, Michael Koenigs,
Dave Taylor, Kris Jones, Ray Edwards, Rich Schefren,
Perry Marshall and Mike Filsaime in a room and asked to
teach for two hours each on their greatest strategies for
making money online?

The world's most in-demand Internet marketing seminar ever!
(ie..."the whole shebang"!)


On Wednesday, Dec, 5th at 10 am EST, Joel Comm will
introduce "The Secret Classroom", an incredible Internet
marketing education that only twelve people have been
privileged enough to receive!

It's true.

Only the contestants for Joel's reality show, "The Next
Internet Millionaire," were allowed to participate in this
once-in-a-lifetime seminar where these world-class Internet
millionaires spilled the beans on how they REALLY make money
online! You can NOT get this anywhere else.

And now Joel is giving away TWO copies of the Secret Classroom
on the day before launch to two lucky winners!

How do you enter to win?


First click this link and register for the free member's site...


Once you are registered, you will have access to a the free
member's blog where Joel is posting sneak peak videos of The
Secret Classroom.

Simply view the clips (which are chock full of useable nuggets
you can use now btw) and leave comments on how you will be
able to use the material to grow your online business! And
you can leave one entry on each of the preview clips to multiply
your chances of winning!

The contestants on The Next Internet Millionaire experienced
something so life changing that they are all destined for
success online. Two of them have already done product launches
that grossed over $50,000!

You could NOT buy a seat for The Secret Classroom, but on Dec.
5th at 10 am EST you will have a rare opportunity to have the
entire course shipped direct to your door. No hype. This is
the real deal.

I recommend you check out the free sneak peak videos now so
you can get a taste of your Internet marketing education that
is yet to come.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win one of two sets that will
be given away on Dec. 4th.


To your success,

Karen Kay

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