Monday, August 6, 2007

Happy Back-to School Week!

Well my little baby boy starts kindergarten this week.

I want to cry, but instead I think I'll just celebrate!

So in honor of his entrance to the scholastic world,
I am unleashing some fantastic products this week
which will help you in your quest for online profits!

I am starting things off with another freebie...
( I just LOVE to give away free stuff!)

An Internet Marketing friend of mine, Todd Gross,
is just starting to load up a website with Free Gifts
and tips on Internet Marketing.

You should know that Todd and I have something in common:
We bothLOVE finding high quality products
that you don't have to pay a cent for.


Why?It's kind of like wanting to climb Mount Everest. Because it's there.
There is a scarcity of information products that are really good,
but finding them is very rewarding.
When they are inexpensive or better yet, free,
it is kind of likefinding the real thing in a pan of "fool's gold."
This month, Todd is offering 21 no-cost Audio Tips, and the one and only
Automatic Money Machines, the product that started his Internet Marketing Career.

Also, he has a short video on the differences between Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, andPrivate Label Rights. This is better than a "giveaway" site because you will be told what products are being loaded in, and only the BEST products will be selected.


We'll see you there!

Talk to you soon,

Karen Kay

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