Monday, June 25, 2007

Next Internet Millionaire Update

Hey everybody!
Thanks so much to all of you who turned out to vote for lifeteambuilders' favorite contestants yesterday. We had a nice turnout and are seeing our picks rise up in the ranks!
As promised, we are posting ads for the first to respond to our request. Here they are in order received. Please take a few seconds to review these sites, as these folks are taking an active role in pitching in for the team!
Alan Phillips
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David Oliver
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Joe Griffith
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John Galvin.
I can't thank Stone Evans enough for what I've learned since April of this year. His course on Internet Marketing is one of the most comprehensive I have seen since 1996. Click here for details of how you can earn while you learn!
Robert Cannon
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Have you voted yet? If not, please take a second to do that. You will find our favorites on the blog here:

I will offer this one more time...taking only the first 3 to respond and tell me you have voted each of them a 10! Your ad will be in tomorrow's update.

Now for the actual update:
Our team is doing really well! Please take a second if you've already voted and visit their squidoo page and rank them up, leave comments, etc. (some are not completed yet, my apologies to Matt, Christine and Thor)...

Matt Adams is #2!
Jason Henderson #3
Andrea Yager #5
Christine Schaap #8
Gail Greenberg #10
Thor Schrock
Wes Wyatt #15
Jonathan Kraft #17
Cliff Hammock #21
Debbie Ducic #23
Thanks again everyone for your help! Remember voting ends This Wednesday!

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