Monday, November 17, 2014

A New Place to Play

To my friends who would like to promote on Facebook, but don’t, because you don’t want to bug your "real life" friends:

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a combination of family and friends on Facebook, then you’ve got other friends you met online through one venture or another.  There are times you’d like to share your blog posts, your new book, your new business venture, etc. on Facebook, but because you worry that you’ll put off your regular friends, or perhaps they have even asked you to stop, you’ve stopped doing that, left to chill in the corner with your other “marketing” friends in some obscure group or fan page, which always starts out fine, but soon loses ground and becomes lost in the sea of other stuff in the holy grail of online presence.  Consequently, Facebook, for you (like me) has become a difficult place to promote, unless, of course, you want to buy advertising.  I have done that, with mixed results. But I have to say it really bothered me that I felt I needed to. 

A couple of weeks ago, I found a solution to this problem.  There is a new platform, which just launched in October of this year, that looks and feels a lot like Facebook, but because it’s new, I can control who I friend.  I choose not to friend or follow people who might turn their nose up whenever I want to share my work; so that I can focus on getting to know a target group of people who I can perhaps do business with in a friendly and social manner.  Now I can "do" FaceBook with my local & hometown friends and family, and still have a fun place to talk shop.   That is not why everyone is using it, but it is why I find it a fun new place to “play”.  

The platform is called Tsu – you may have heard good or bad things about it already.   As with any new platform, there are kinks to work out, spammers to weed out, and rules that need to be ironed out.  In that sense, it is very much still in its infancy and still evolving.  This makes it a “ground floor” opportunity for those of you looking for an additional revenue stream.  Did I mention you earn money for using it?  Yep.  They share revenue with users (45% of ad revenue goes to you for whatever is generated from your posting, sharing, commenting, etc.)  They keep 10% for themselves, and if you want to get really into it, like I am, then you can earn an additional 45% of the revenue generated by those whom you invite.  It will never bring you a ton of money. It might be pocket change, or extra lunch money, or for the very ambitious, an extra revenue stream.  You won’t get rich using it.  The money thing is a fun perk, a way to “own” your content - so to speak.  There are no annoying games on Tsu– and no groups, either.  Just people who want to share good content.

Maybe it will last, maybe not. But I get to meet new people (and reunite with some old friends, I've discovered) - and that's not all bad!

Oh – and one more thing:  it’s free.  For everybody.  All the time.  No upsells, no big package, no monthly minimum, no “premium” memberships. Nada.  Just enjoy. 

Come join me and see for yourself:

I sincerely hope to see you there!
Hugs & Love,

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