Friday, August 10, 2012

Light Angels: the Last Battle

Saving grace from light unfolds
Over their untethered woe

No love lights nigh – their plight begins
Seven angels, spread too thin
Hovering loudly and in song
Distress calls: howling.  Here, then gone

Over dust-bound wings they fly
Never reaching intended highs
So flying low, they catch your breath
The key, as routed for our death

A last blistering sun shouts destiny
Soaring over earth’s blaspheme
Shaking with deepening anxiousness
Beholden to carry our hardened crest

We do not see their silent keep
Held inside their drying weep
Castles and hills rake dawn again
So their journey cannot end

Angels who weep are not from hell
Yet heaven cannot yet ring their bell
Their place is crossed, on earthly dome
As if entombed, a dune their home

Raucous visionaries in white
Are ragged and torn from contiguous flight
They see us, shadowed and fearing no dawn
No light in our eyes, more souls nearly gone

So they murmur and weep and continue on
In search of a soul with light of his own

Bearing no magic or special spells,
Angels like these, no stories they tell.
They’ve only one wish:  to carry our light
Before they go dark, and world becomes night.

Unraveling, more of their wings sink away
Flight over oceans tells whales of the way
A day without light – in which darkness will stay

But even the whale is caught between songs
What makes her beach? For her children, she longs
Can we stop it? She asks. Is the light all but gone?

Soaring up with a flap heard for thousands of leagues,
She sings to the angels: a song for her seas

Fly, angels fly! As far as you must!
We are your warriors, instilling your trust.
Know we are here – there is light in us.
Our hope is your faith in believing in us.

So gingerly, small, we start on our quest
Gradually stronger, we summon our best
Marching for light, we sing carols to you
We hail you and cheer you over the blue

Blue waters lead to azure light of dawn
Creeping up the horizon, this battle is won
Light is not dead!  A rising sun comes
And our light angels fly - back into their home

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